Generator, 2024, Léa Ceheivi (Musik: Justice)

Music Video Program International: Into the Groove

A Barely Lit Path Freeka Tet; Music: Oneohtrix Point Never. US, 2023, DCP, color, 5 min
Generator Léa Ceheivi; Music: Justice. FR, 2024, DCP, color, 4 min
Nothing to Declare Joey Frank; Music: MGMT. US, 2024, DCP, color, 4 min
COCKTAIL D'AMORE Torso; Music: Mahmood. IT, FR, 2023, DCP, color, 3 min
KARMA Loris Russier; Music: SiR, Isaiah Rashad. US, FR, 2024, DCP, color, 3 min
Wendorlan (Scope Vid) Thomas Russell Jenkinson; Music: Squarepusher. GB, 2024, DCP, color, 7 min
Big Hammer Oscar Hudson; Music: James Blake. GB, 2023, DCP, color, 3 min
Yxguden Micha Klein, Alex Futtersak, David Rudnick, Joseph Melhuish; Music: Evian Christ, Bladee. GB, 2023, DCP, Fcolor, 4 min
Skipping Like A Stone Pensacola; Music: The Chemical Brothers, Beck. US, 2023, DCP, color, 5 min
Maybe It's Not Our Time Yet Fleur Adderley; Music: Will Silver. GB, 2023, DCP, color, 5 min
Shiver Martin Falck; Music: Fever Ray. SE, 2024, DCP, color, 5 min
Chastity lilinternet; Music: Boys Noize, Pussy Riot, Alice Glass. DE, 2023, DCP, color, 3 min
oral Carlota Guerrero; Music: Björk, Rosalía. ES, IS, 2023, DCP, color, 4 min
She's On My Mind Vic Lentaigne; Music: Romy. GB, 2023, DCP, color, 3 min
The international music video programme, which was already shown at Vienna Shorts, presents a selection of outstanding videos from the past year. It explores how image and sound can be effectively combined to give both elements room to unfold. The 15 selected works demonstrate how closely utopia and dystopia, as well as desire and rejection, can be. These videos deserve to be shown on the big screen to illustrate their diversity of styles and approaches in the music video landscape. (C.E./T.P.)
With the curators Theresa Pointner und Christoph Etzlsdorfer in attendance
Recommended for viewers 12 and up

Screening dates: