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For basic searches, periodical titles or subtitles should be entered into the "Title" field. For searches in the "To: From: Publication Date" field, please be aware that not all issues from the requested time period may be included in the collection. Definite and indefinite articles should be placed after the periodical title, i.e., "Velvet Light Trap, The" - or omitted completely.

Search entries are not case-sensitive.

Results from the "Title" or "Publication Date" drop-down menus can be sorted in ascending or descending order. Since, over the course of their run, publication titles sometimes vary in their use of upper-and lower-case letters, entries in our database have been simplified. If entry details are missing, the following abbreviations are used: "o.J." (ohne Jahr/year missing), "o.O" (ohne Ort/place of publication missing), "o.V" (publisher missing), or, "Publication information unavailable."