Lachende Körper

Komikerinnen im Kino der 1910er Jahre
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Claudia Preschl's study focusses on short comedies and comedy serials between 1910 and 1918 and is a contribution to the rediscovery of the early "other" cinema in which comediennes such "Rosalie", "Léa" or Asta Nielsen played a decisive part. Lachende Körper describes the variety of preposterous body-language and shows how anarchistic body-politics and rebellious strategies of Gender in Early Cinema can be decoded for today.


"A book for all those who love cinema." (

Claudia Preschl

Lachende Körper. Komikerinnen im Kino der 1910er Jahre

FilmmuseumSynemaPublikationen Vol. 8

Vienna 2008. 208 pages, with numerous illustrations. In German
ISBN 978-3-901644-27-6
Table of Contents - Lachende Körper (PDF)


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