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Swedish Avantgarde Film 1924 - 1990

Anthology Film Archives - New York - 1991Amos Vogel Library
Signature: AVL/OF/104-8058/β3
Jonas Mekas
Person in the book:
Viking Eggeling

Film Comment March-April 1994

The Film Society of Lincoln Center - 1994Amos Vogel Library
Signature: AVL/WI/300-8057/β3
Richard T. Jameson
Author(s) further:
Chris Chang, Godfrey Cheshire, Richard Combs, Alan Rudolph, Gavin Smith, Anne Thompson, David Thomson, Amos Vogel, Armond White

Graphic Works of Max Klinger

Dover Publications - New York - 1977Amos Vogel Library
Signature: AVL/LR/174-8056/β3
ISBN: 0-486-23437-1
Kirk Varnedoe
Person in the book:
Max Klinger

Frames. A Selection of Drawings and Statements by Independent American Animators

Capital City Press - Montpellier - 1978Amos Vogel Library
Signature: AVL/LR/191-8055/β3
George Griffin

Monthly Film Bulletin, February 1985

British Film Institute (BFI) - London - 1985Amos Vogel Library
Signature: AVL/WI/300-8054/β3
Richard Combs

L'Âge du Cinéma

Éditions André Bonne - Paris - 1951Amos Vogel Library
Signature: AVL/RB/206-8053/β3
Robert Benayoun, Adonis Kyrou
Author(s) further:
Jean-Louis Bédouin, Jacques Brunius, Alberto Cavalcanti, Gérard Legrand, Hans Richter

René Magritte

Doubleday - New York - 1967Amos Vogel Library
Signature: AVL/LR/171-8052/β3
James Thrall Soby
Person in the book:
René Magritte

Seven Miles a Second

DC Comics - New York - 1996Amos Vogel Library
Signature: AVL/OF/083-8051/β3
ISBN: 1-56389-247-2
James Romberger, David Wojnarowicz

American Film, October 1984

American Film Institute, The - Farmingdale, NY - 1984Amos Vogel Library
Signature: AVL/WI/300-8050/β3
Kathy Davis

Von Babelsberg nach Hollywood. Filmemigranten aus Nazideutschland. Exponatenverzeichnis

Deutsches Filminstitut (DFF) - Frankfurt - 1987Amos Vogel Library
Signature: AVL/OF/107-8049/β3
ISBN: 3-88799-010-2
Ronny Loewy