Singen und Tanzen im Film

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Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Ginger Rogers and Judy Garland are still synonyms for the classical Hollywood Musical. This book discusses a much wider range of "song & dance" films – a landscape of utopian energies and social fantasies. The essays by writers such as Lucy Fischer, Richard Dyer, Pascal Bonitzer, Jean Mitry, Carol J. Clover, Elisabeth Büttner and many others discuss both classical and modern musicals, works created in Hollywood and in Soviet Russia, Germany or Asia, filmmakers such as Jacques Demy, Busby Berkeley or René Clair, and approaches relating to feminism, ethnicity and the queer underground.


Singen und Tanzen im Film

Edited by Andrea Pollach, Isabella Reicher and Tanja Widmann

KINO Series, Vol. 2

Zsolnay-Verlag, Vienna 2003. 256 pages, with numerous illustrations in color and b/w. In German


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