Retrospective "Blacklisted"

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Every year the Viennale is honored internationally for its' extensive historical retrospective in collaboration with the Austrian Film Museum. In 2000 the Viennale Retrospective is entitled “Blacklisted - Movies by the Hollywood Blacklist Victims,” was illuminating one of the darkest chapters in American film history: the persecution of so-called “Un-American" i.e. liberal activities of filmmakers throughout the country by right-wing politicians and organizations. While the subject is generally connoted with the name of Republican Senator Joe McCarthy and a relatively brief period of time from the mid-forties to the early fifties, the Viennale Retrospective proved that the roots of this movement against unwelcome meaning critical and socially motivated filmmakers lie further back and that its' results reach far beyond the McCarthy era. This was made clear in the historical arch from 1937 to 1969 of the over 40 films shown, many of which are absolute historical rarities. The Retrospective portraid the break in tradition of realist, committed liberal filmmaking within the United States and its' meaning. The Viennale won over Thom Andersen and Noël Burch to act as curators for this one-of-a-kind retrospective.
Andersen and Burch have extensive experience as essayists, film historians and directors. They collaborated on the 1995 documentary Red Museum. In 1997 they published the topical book "Les Communistes de Hollywood". Both curators placed especial importance on the connection between the Retrospective and current political events in Austria: "We find ourselves hoping that those films made in the United States during the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s to expose the contemporary manifestations of fascism, racism, sexism and capitalism will resonate in Austria in the year 2000, that they might be able to speak from one dark time to another (to quote Brecht on Hamlet)." A comprehensive publication of essays, interviews and biographical material. With essays by Thom Andersen, Noel Burch, John Howard Lawson, Charles Eckert, Jonathan Rosenbaum and J. Hoberman.
Retrospective "Blacklisted. Movies by the Hollywood Blacklist Victims"
A Viennale publication
Vienna 2000, 127 pages. In German, some parts in English.
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