Čarodějův učeň / Krabat, 1977, Karel Zeman

Long Night of Museums

October 3, 2020

The Austrian Film Museum is a cinematheque, its exhibitions take place on the screen. Several 40-minute programs offer a glimpse into our activities: From archive to programming, from special collections to research activities, from film as a document of everday life to its historical, technological und aesthetic aspects. Pivotal to all this: the experience of watching film together on the big screen.

6 p.m. Film Colors

This children's program (age 8+) shows how colorful film was from the very beginning.


7 p.m. Handmade Film Tricks

This program reveals the creativity and inventiveness of amateur filmmakers.


8 p.m. Film as Object: Curating a Film Collection

A glimpse into the techniques and craftmanship of film preservation with the help of analogue machines and film stock.


9 p.m. Čarodějův učeň / Krabat

A visually stunning adaptation of the tale of the orphan and the evil sorcerer based on Ottfried Preußler's novel, directed by Karel Zeman (1977, 72 min, Czech with German subtitles) for adults and children age 8+

Reservation cards are available on the night of the event (starting from 5pm) at the box office of the Film Museum.