Eumig Museum

Eumig was one of the most successful export companies in Austria. Their product range included radios, cameras, projectors, and hi-fi devices, all of which they manufactured until their closure in 1981. In 2020, the Austrian Film Museum acquired a large number of the films made by Eumig, which represent three different aspects of the company's history, and are now held in our collection.

One part of the collection consists of promotional materials connected to Eumig products. Since projectors and cameras were produced for personal use, these films were shot on small gauge formats like 8mm, Super 8, 16mm or 9.5mm so they could be played on the small gauge devices. An important part of the advertising campaign for new cameras like the Eumig Mini, Eumig Viennette, and Eumig Nautica, or projectors like the Sonomatic, Eumig Mark S, and Eumig 711 were promotional films created by the company. These films demonstrate the products' field of application and were often shown at trade shows.

Another part of the collection features educational films that were used internally by Eumig for the training of precision engineers and precision opticians. These films use animation to explain specific aspects of a job and range from practical tips such as how to correctly use a caliper to the explanation of set theory. Because many of the parts used to make the cameras and projectors were sourced domestically, Eumig provided training for its employees in-house by means of these films.

The final piece of the collection contains home movies showing the close relationship that the Vockenhuber family, who were Eumig shareholders, maintained with the company. The family used many different cameras produced by Eumig to document several decades' worth of trips and gatherings. (Vanessa Scharrer)

Selection of Films and Conversations

Ursula Seemann (daughter of Karl Vockenhuber jr. and member of the Förderverein Eumig Museum) in conversation with Vanessa Scharrer (Austrian Film Museum). Cinematography and editing: Florian Haag. In German


Die Geschichte von Eumig

(The History of Eumig)


Das Eumig-Depot am Filmmuseum

(The Eumig Deposit at the Film Museum)


Zwischen Haus und Wald in bezaubernder Landschaft

Ilse Tschunko, 1957 (Breitwand UltraPan 8)


Der Werkzeugmacher

Franz Kratochwil, 1969-1971 (Super8)


Eumig Mini

Franz Kratochwil, 1970 (Super8)