Merry-Go-Round 1923, Erich von Stroheim & Rupert Julian

The Utopia of Film:

Chapter 94: At the Prater

Films by Herbert Apfelthaler, Friedrich Kuplent, Gustav Mayer, Ulrike Ottinger, Frank Ward Rossak, Ernst Schmidt jr., Josef von Sternberg, Rudolf Strasser, Erich von Stroheim & Rupert Julian, Bernhard Wenger
Each Tuesday
The Utopia of Film is a series of chapters – a sequence of constellations and questions which change on a monthly basis. Each chapter contains several films. The selected works are capable of standing on their own with their individual qualities, but the totality of each chapter also provides a specific context. The Utopia of Film tells a history of films in their relation to each other and to society.
In cooperation with the Wien Museum. The exhibition "Meet Me at the Prater! Viennese Pleasures since 1766" at the Wien Museum (10 March 2016 to 21 August 2016) focuses on the diverse and varied history of the Prater.
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