EVE, 2004, Makino Takashi

In Person:

Makino Takashi

June 4, 2017
Class of 1978: With Canadian Alexandre Larose and Japanese Makino Takashi, the Film Museum presents two young greats of international avant-garde cinema for the first time in Austria, with a program devoted to each in the framework of VIS Vienna Shorts.

Not only does Makino Takashi, international award-winning director (and winner of the Tiger Award in Rotterdam 2012) produce films; he produces ecstatic excesses. Together with musicians such as Jim O'Rourke or Incolsolable Ghost, Takashi mostly works in great compositional arches, leading his images towards a state of liquefaction by means of countless layerings and overflowing multiple exposures. The physical surface of the screen thereby almost disappears, as eyes and ears experience a "ground zero of perception". In his early work EVE images of barbed wire and bubbles slowly turn fluid, while in Generator aerial shots of Tokyo can still be divined. With Ghost of OT301 the essential uncertainty characteristic of Makino's current work makes itself felt: one cannot stop wondering whether this really is what one is seeing - and cannot stop wanting to see.

A collaboration of the Film Museum and the VIS Vienna Shorts Festival. The Makino Takashi program, which includes a live performance, takes place in cooperation with sixpackfilm.
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