Horse Feathers, 1932, Norman Z. McLeod

Brothers in Anarchism
Films by Luis Buñuel, H.C. Potter and the Marx Brothers

December 26 to 30, 2017

Every year between Christmas and New Year's the Film Museum presents films with the Marx Brothers – lately in combination with films by other artists. This year, the brilliant cinema anarchist (and secretly a great comedian) Luis Buñuel will face the Marx Brothers with a selection of subversive and, in many respects, "marxian" masterpieces such as Viridiana (1961) and Belle de jour (1967). On another note, the bonus track will feature the revival of another anarchic Film Museum tradition: the visionary, crazy comedy Hellzapoppin' (1941). An earlier staple of the Krampus Night program, the film has not been screened in a long time due to the damaged state of the very rare print. Now it is time to bid it farewell: A going-away party to end the year – but on the screen.