Elisabeth Büttner im Unsichtbaren Kino, 2012 (Foto: ÖFM/Sabine Maierhofer)

Book Launch and Film Screening:


January 25, 2018

Great Viennese film scholar Elisabeth Büttner, who passed away in 2016, saw cinema as a space of collective experience and a space of possibility for the self as well as a space for emotions and insight. She appreciated film for its openness to both great and inconspicuous events, contradictions and resistances, gestures and phantoms. She was always in pursuit of the politics of images and their connections; time and time again, she stressed that films do so much more than tell stories – in fact, they have their own (hi)stories and do things their own way.

Christian Dewald, Petra Löffler and Marc Ries will present KINO ARBEIT LIEBE, a book retracing Elisabeth Büttner's ways of thinking and the manifold connection points in her work. The volume, which will be issued by Berlin publisher Vorwerk 8 at the beginning of 2018, will be presented as part of a program including films by Michael Wallin, Lisl Ponger, Peter Tscherkassky, Kurt Kren and others.
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