Double Happiness, 2014, Ella Raidel
Am Rande der Welt, 1992, Goran Rebić
Wien Retour, 1983, Ruth Beckermann, Josef Aichholzer
Was uns bindet, 2017, Ivette Löcker
Auf dem Weg, 1986–90, Peter Schreiner
Oceanul Mare, 2009, Katharina Copony

Life in Images
Kinoreal Special: 20 Years of

November 19 to 21, 2020 (cancelled)

With a selection of six extraordinary Austrian documentary titles from the years 1983 to 2017, we are celebrating the 20 years of existence of, the Austrian Documentary Film Alliance, as well as a body of work whose scope and diversity time and again breaks with the conventions of traditional documentary filmmaking.

In cooperation with and with special support of the Austrian Film Institute

Due to the developments around COVID 19, the screenings from November 19 to 21, 2020 could not take place as originally planned. We are working on ways to share them with you at a later date.