Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine, 2005, Peter Tscherkassky

All the Soundtracks
Dirk Schaefer and Peter Tscherkassky

February 19, 2022

One of contemporary cinema's most exciting collaborations is that between filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky and composer Dirk Schaefer. After many years of doing his own sound design, including the furious optical sound spectacle of Outer Space (1999), Tscherkassky finally placed the sound editing in someone else's hands and since Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine (2005), he has worked exclusively with German composer and filmmaker Dirk Schaefer.
To celebrate the release of the double album (a vinyl pressing limited to 250 copies!) of their collaborative works from 2005-2021, we have invited Dirk Schaefer to a listening session and conversation in the "Invisible Cinema" to discuss his artistic approach, the practical aspects of his collaboration with Tscherkassky, "found sound," and his engagement with film and music history. On this evening, everything will be analogue: the vinyl soundtracks and the 35mm screening of Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine. (Translation: Ted Fendt)

Dirk Schaefer: Peter Tscherkassky, All the Soundtracks (2005–2021), purge: 2021

Moderation: Michael Loebenstein

With Peter Tscherkassky in attendance
Admission: 1 euro solidarity contribution for the "Kulturpass" initiative
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