Para:dies, 2022, Elena Wolff, Julia Windischbauer © Ella Knorz

Crossing Europe Presents

May 4 and 5, 2022

Immediately following its 19th edition, Crossing Europe makes a stop in Vienna with a selection of films representing the Euro-centric festival's 2022 program. Berlin-based Rainer Kohlberger's Answering the Sun brings us a cinema of the body in the truest sense. In Earwig, Lucile Hadžihalilović's first film in English, the filmmaker spins a complex variation on body horror noir. Elena Wolff and Julia Windischbauer's Para:Dies tells the story of a queer (triangular) relationship via a film within a film. Robin Hunzinger's captivatingly poetic documentary Ultraviolette et le gang des cracheuses de sang reveals a family's secret – the unbelievable story of a grandmother and her rebellious lover. (Sabine Gebetstroither, Katharina Riedler / Translation: Ted Fendt)
In collaboration with Crossing Europe Filmfestival
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