Shidniy front (Eastern Front), 2023, Vitaly Mansky, Yevhen Titarenko (Foto: Deckert Distribution)

Crossing Europe @ Filmmuseum

May 3, 2023
This year, Crossing Europe Film Festival in Linz celebrates a small anniversary, presenting contemporary auteur cinema from all of Europe for the 20th time. Under the motto "Europe, we need to talk!" the festival will present a cross section of the latest European film productions.
Two documentary works by directors from Ukraine who have previously been guests in Linz were chosen for the Film Museum. Shidniy front (Eastern Front), a collaboration by Crossing Europe prize winner Vitaly Mansky with Yevhen Titarenko, is at once a highly relevant and harrowing portrait of the conditions at the frontline between Ukraine and Russia. In the atmospheric, long-take observational film My ne zgasnemo (We Will Not Fade Away), Alisa Kovalenko turns her gaze to five teenagers in the Donbass and their coming of age amidst ruins, artillery fire, and minefields. (Sabine Gebetsroither, Katharina Riedler / Translation: Ted Fendt)   
In collaboration with Crossing Europe Filmfestival Linz,, and Austrian Directors' Guild
With Vitaly Mansky, Yevhen Titarenko, Natalia Khazan,
Sabine Gebetsroither, and Katharina Riedler in attendance
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