Der Propellervogel, 2005, Jan Locher und Thomas Hinke

Cinema for Little Ones:

Who's Twittering Over There?  

January 20 to February 25, 2024

Cinema for Little Ones brings film programs, moderated by a film educator, to children ages 3 and up and their families. 

We mostly go to the movies because we want to see something. But this time there's another reason: What's there to hear here? With small listening assignments, we will get closer to films and wait excitedly for what images will be found for the noises and music. From little birdies to big drums, from slow measures to twitchy speeds, from wordless conversations to "optical music" – in this program of five short films, the world of listening opens up before us. (Stefan Huber / Translation: Ted Fendt)

Ages 3 and up
Entry: 4.50 euros per person. This event takes place within the framework of the WIENXTRA-Kinderaktiv-Program. Reduced ticket price with WIENXTRA-"Kinderaktivcard" (3 euros). Tickets for this event can be reserved or purchased at our box office.