Shopper "Shopping Queen"

Unique pieces from the Caritas ArbeitsRaum shop with Film Museum poster motifs

Edition 2021

Size: 40x40cm
Price: EUR 29,00 (free shipping to Austria*)
Please inform us about your desired shopper via e-mail to including the corresponding number Shopper No. XX in the subject line. Furthermore we ask for your address for invoice and shipping. As soon as your request has been processed, we will contact you.
The sale is based on the first come, first served principle. If your shopper is already sold out, we will contact you and ask for an alternative selection.

You can find more shopper designs at our box office.
* For deliveries to other countries, the tariff regulations of the Austrian Post apply. The information on this will be in the invoice sent by e-mail.
Shopper no. 44
Retrospective "David Lean"
Shopper no. 47
Retrospective "Der große Grant"
Shopper no. 48
Retrospective "Glorious Technicolor"
Shopper no. 51
Retrospective "Breillat / Ferreri"
Shopper no. 54
Retrospective "Fritz Lang"
Shopper no. 55
Summer poster "Création de la serpentine"
Shopper no. 57
Retrospective "Recycled Cinema" / "The Real Eighties"
Shopper no. 62
Retrospective "Revolutionär Griffith"
Shopper no. 63
Retrospective "Vittorio de Sica"
Shopper no. 64
Retrospective "The Real Eighties" / "Jean-Pierre Léaud"
Shopper no. 66
Retrospective "Die Utopie Film"
Shopper no. 68
Retrospective "The Real Eighties" / "Jerry Lewis"
Shopper no. 74
Retrospective "American Cinema Restored"
Shopper no. 84
Retrospective "Das goldene Zeitalter. Mexiko ..."
Shopper no. 87
Retrospective "Ein zweites Leben"
Shopper no. 96
Retrospective "Satyajit Ray"
Shopper no. 97
Retrospective "Filmfarben"
Shopper no. 99
Retrospective "Europa erzählen"
Shopper no. 100
Retrospective "Europa erzählen" + "The B-Film"