Para:dies (2022, Elena Wolff)



A 2022

Friday, 20. January, 10:00-12:45

Age 16 plus
Queer love as docu-fiction, country style: Jasmin and Lee have been a couple for three years. Lee is non-binary and very self-aware. Jasmin's identity is defined more by their relationship. Berlin is not as cool as everyone thinks, so they both move into a one-family home in the countryside. Observed by Amira, who documents their relationship with the camera, a triangular constellation develops. The protagonists recount their love in interviews: deep feelings vs. self-glorification. A smart film about relationships and self-conceptions as queer people – and the difference made by a female gaze (or even better: a FLINTA* gaze!). Warning: lots of fun and cringeworthy moments! (km)
The screening (76 min) will be followed by a discussion with director Elena Wolff.