Restoration, Preservation and Digitization in Progress


Gottfried Bechtold
10 Films

Digitization and digital preservation (2K) of 10 films by Gottfried Bechtold, based on the reversal originals. Commissioned by the Generali Foundation and Gottfried Bechtold

["Flamingo" Smart Export]

The Netherlands, ca. 1959, Geesink Studio
Digital restoration in 2K from a 35mm print; film-out-recording on 35mm. Laboratory services: Laboratório ANIM, Cinemateca Portuguesa Museu do Cinema (Lissabon)

Tomislav Gotovac
M, T, Kuda idemo ne pitajte

Digitization and digital restoration (2K) of 3 early films by Tomislav Gotovac in collaboration with the Croatian Film Association (Hrvatski filmski savez)

"Praktiken des Lehr- und Unterrichtsfilms in Österreich"

Digitization and digital preservation (2K) of educational films from the collection of the Austrian Film Museum and other holdings, including the Österreichisches Volkshochschularchiv and the Vienna University of Technology, as part of the research project "Practices of Educational and Instructional Film in Austria" by the University of Vienna in cooperation with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Digital History