Amateur Film Posters

As a result of a fruitful cooperation between the European Video Archive Linz and the Austrian Film Museum, the Film Museum presents a rarity among film poster collections. The 162 posters in this collection announced amateur film festivals, events organized by various amateur film associations and meetings of Union Internationale du Cinéma, the international federation of non-commercial filmmaking institutions.

This collection of ephemeral film posters is extremely valuable, since the posters were often printed merely in small batches. They commonly had only a local or regional audience and therefore constitute an important source for the thriving, influential scene of amateur film.

Part of the published posters is preserved in the collection of the Film Museum, while the other part is stored at the European Video Archive Linz. Materials can be made accessible for research visits by prior appointment. Please contact us via e-mail with your enquiries.

We are grateful to the poster collection of the Vienna City Library at the City Hall and photographer Iris Ranzinger for their assistance in the digitization of the collection.

Paolo Caneppele
Film-Related Collection Manager

+43 1 533 70 54 Ext 211