The Lobby, 2020, Heinz Emigholz (Foto: Viennale)

The Lobby

Director: Heinz Emigholz; with: John Erdman. AR/DE, 2020, 76 min. English

While officially regarded by prolific maestro Heinz Emigholz as a "sequel" to The Last City – completing a loose trilogy begun with Streetscapes [Dialogue] (Viennale'17) – this oneman tour-de-force starring veteran actor John Erdman functions splendidly on its own. Erdman, whose previous work down the decades includes collaborations on seminal dance and performanceart pieces by Yvonne Rainer and Robert Wilson, here incarnates a hyper-articulate character simply credited as "Old White Male." Our protagonist is presented in comfortable Buenos Aires apartment-building lobbies, holding forth in erudite, sardonic fashion on mortality – and through this dark prism examining the state of humanity. Ranging freely across matters philosophical, theological and psychological, Emigholz stakes out word-centric territory somewhere between Camus' "The Fall" and Malle's My Dinner With Andre. The Lobby is a virtuoso cine-monologue of an indelibly witty and stimulating stripe, self-referential and selfdeconstructing. Once again teaming up productively with Jonathan Perel, Emigholz crafts an elegant frame for a sardonic, occasionally poetic exploration of fundamental ideas. (Neil Young)

With Heinz Emigholz in attendance

Screening dates:

Sa 24.10.2020 18:30
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