Responsabilidad empresarial (Corporate Accountability), 2020, Jonathan Perel (Foto: Viennale)

Responsabilidad empresarial (Corporate Accountability)

Director: Jonathan Perel. AR, 2020, 68 min. OV with English subtitles

Outstanding Argentinian filmmaker Jonathan Perel – whose Toponímia (Viennale 2015) remains a genuine landmark in recent cinema – has so far dedicated his entire career to forensically exploring the realities and consequences of the military dictatorship which dominated his country from 1976 (the year of his birth) to 1983. His latest, unveiled to considerable critical praise at this year's Berlinale Forum, sees him "adapt" – in simple but highly original form – a 2015 government publication entitled "Corporate accountability in crimes against humanity: Repression of workers during state terrorism." Also a key collaborator on Heinz Emigholz's The Lobby and The Last City, Perel personally visits 25 industrial sites across Argentina run by firms who collaborated with the "civicmilitary" administration of the junta years – including multinationals like Ford. In the style of a private investigator, he films these factories and plants through his car-windscreen as he narrates the relevant account of each enterprise's misdeeds. Compiling images of striking clarity and compositional power, the result is meditative, politically engaged cinema of the most piercingly illuminating kind. (Neil Young)

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Do 29.10.2020 16:00
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