Just A Movement, 2021, Vincent Meessen

Nicole Brenez II

De-Hierarchize, Deepen
Just A Movement

Vincent Meessen. BE/SN, 2021, DCP, Farbe, 110 min. English
Preceded by:
Nou voix Maxime Jean-Baptiste. GF, 2018, DCP, color, 14 min. French with english subtitles
We must "love elaborations," as the assassinated Marxist activist Omar Blondin Diop advocated. It may turn out that the most crucial weapon today is the spirit for deepening, which is being undermined on all sides by "the digital dictatorship" (Jean-Luc Godard, Les trois désastres, 2012). This spirit is what drives the films of Maxime Jean-Baptiste and Vincent Meessen, each of whom takes up a secondary figure in a film and develops it into an emblematic one within the history of anti-colonial and anti-capitalist struggles. They thereby prove to us that, in cinema, even the slightest outline of a silhouette matters. (N.B.)
With Maxime Jean-Baptiste in attendance on October 29

Screening dates:

Fr 29.10.2021 21:15
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