Sieben Mal am Tag beklagen wir unser Los ..., 2014, Susann Maria Hempel (Foto: Kurzfilmagentur Hamburg E.V.)

Birgit Kohler II

Terra de ninguém (No Man's Land)

A film by Salomé Lamas; Cinematography: Sugimoto Takashi; Editing: Telmo Churro. PT, 2012, DCP, color, 72 min. Portuguese with English subtitles
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Sieben Mal am Tag beklagen wir unser Los und nachts stehen wir auf, um nicht zu träumen (Seven Times a Day we Bemoan Our Lot and At Night We Get Up to Avoid Dreaming) Susann Maria Hempel. DE, 2014, DCP, color, 17 min. German with English subtitles

Positioned frontally before the camera, an old man recounts his time as a soldier in an elite commando of the Portuguese army during the colonial wars and as a mercenary recruited by the CIA. Calmly, he describes contract killings, talking big and cracking jokes, unapologetically. Facts and fiction, confession and self-dramatization merge until the historical truth on the one hand and his credibility on the other are finally called into question. The formal austerity of Terra de ninguém is juxtaposed with a short animated film that seems playful only at first glance – in fact, it tells the story of a life on the margins of society in a no less disturbing way. While the filmmaker is reading quotes from conversations with an invalid man from eastern Germany, for whom experiences of violence are part of everyday life, a mechanical ballet of light switches and plastic dolls is set in motion. German songs act as amplifiers of the horror that – in both films – is conveyed without being depicted. (B.K.)
With Salomé Lamas in attendance on October 26

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Di 26.10.2021 18:30
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