Measures of Distance, 1988, Mona Hatoum

Birgit Kohler III

Demain et encore demain/Journal 1995 (Tomorrow and Tomorrow/Diary 1995)

A film by Dominique Cabrera; Editing: Réjane Fourcade. FR, 1997, DCP, color, 79 min. French with English subtitles
Preceded by:
Measures of Distance Mona Hatoum. GB, 1988, DCP, Farbe, 16 min. English and Arabic
Filming in order to see more clearly was the aim of Dominique Cabrera's video diary. The autobiographical film essay based on it, Demain et encore demain/Journal 1995, shows her view of everyday things – a hyacinth, dishes in the sink, hailstones – as well as her child and discussions with her lover about the correct attitude as a leftist during the presidential election. Radically subjective and factual at the same time, the self-portrayal evolves into a contemporary document at the end of the Mitterrand era. Mona Hatoum's video work Measures of Distance also takes an intimate situation as its point of departure. Close-up footage of her mother showering at home in Beirut is overlaid with Arabic script, while conversations between the two can be heard as well as Hatoum reading an English translation of her mother's letters. The longing for her daughter, who lives in London, evokes the subjects of war, exile and identity. The personal and the political are closely interwoven here as well. (B.K.)

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Mo 25.10.2021 11:00
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