Brise-glace (Icebreaker), 1988, Jean Rouch, Titte Törnroth, Raúl Rui

Brise-glace (Icebreaker)

Regie: Jean Rouch, Titte Törnroth, Raúl Ruiz; Drehbuch: Jean Rouch, Titte Törnroth, Raúl Ruiz, Pascal Gallet; Kamera: Patrice Cologne, Andra Lasmanis, Jean Rouch; Schnitt: Jean Rouch, Jean Ravel, Andra Lasmanis, Valeria Sarmiento; Musik: Jorge Arriagada, David Jisse. FR/SE, 1988, 35mm, 89 min. Schwedisch/Französisch mit engl./frz. UT

A compilation film: three experimental travelogues about the Swedish icebreaker Frej, linked together by rusty ship chains. Jean Rouch documents in classic Vérité Cinema the work of the men on the ship and evokes the mythical beauty of the ice. Titte Törnroth turns to the crew; the men speak of the unfathomable vastness and emptiness of the Arctic Ocean, which demands humility from them, but also madness. And Raúl Ruiz bases his surreal tale of nightmares and catastrophes, in which the ice itself takes the leading role, on William Blake's words about the grain of sand in which the entire world is able to reveal itself. (M.M.)

Courtesy Cinémathèque française