Driving Men, 2008, Susan Mogul

Susan Mogul: Program 2

Mogul is Mobil Volume III Redux US, 1975/2022, DCP, sw, 5 min. Englisch
Dear Dennis US, 1988, DCP, Farbe, 5 min. Englisch
Driving Men US, 2008, DCP, Farbe und sw, 68 min. Englisch
When Mogul moved from New York to Los Angeles, she had to get a driver's license to become, as the artist smugly puts it, a "Hollywood Mogul." She produced a postcard (a piece of mail art) with the slogan "Mogul is Mobil," which she sent to everyone she knew. Dear Dennis was conceived as a video letter to Dennis Hopper, with whom she shared a dentist. Driving Men presents an intimate treatise – a video diary – on Mogul's relationships with men, be they sexual, amical, or familial. Her participation in the feminist movement, the protest movement against the Vietnam War, her support of the Black Power movement, and her Jewish identity also incorporate self-reflective artistic methods that reveal how "the personal is the political" can be a very subversive attitude. (D.S.)
Susan Mogul in conversation with Dietmar Schwärzler (in English)