Copy Shop, 2001, Virgil Widrich

In the Studio of ...

Virgil Widrich

Age 14 plus
Virgil Widrich drew the majority of his first animation film Colour can dream as well at the age of 14 at school, hiding behinds his books. Out of frustration that all major film monsters destroy New York but seldomly pay a visit to his hometown Salzburg, he shot an homage to the creature feature only a year later: Monsters in Salzburg. After these early works that can rarely be seen his most famous works will be presented: The film Copy Shop tells the story of a man who reproduces himself so often that – in the end – the world only consists of himself. Fast Film is a 14-minute Tour de force through film history: In two years of work 65 000 single frames from 300 films were printed, folded into paper objects and brought back to life through animation.

Virgil Widrich, born 1967 in Salzburg, works on various films and multi-media projects. His short films Copy Shop and Fast Film won 71 prizes and were shown on over 500 film festivals. Copy Shop was also an Oscar-nominee. "In the Studio of..." gives an insight into the backgrounds and processes behind these films.