Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1953, Howard Hawks


In Space: Das Kino und der Raum

Age 15 plus
Conceptualized as the other side of our lecture "Time Machine: Cinema as a Temporal Experience" which deals with the different ways of perceiving time, this lecture deals with the construction and perception of space in cinema. Which forms of cinematic space are imaginable when we go to see a film? We will deal with the classic Hollywood continuity system which transforms fragmented space into a space which we feel comfortable with through the means of montage, character-movement and the constellation of gazes and compare it to seminal works of European auteur-film which undermine these rules. Experimental cinema will give us an idea what happens when a film totally negates any notion of space and thus draws our attention to the space we are sitting in while watching the film.

Presented by Alejandro Bachmann