Andy Warhol, 1970 im Invisible Cinema, New York (Foto: Anthology Film Archives, Stills Collection)


The Cinema as Political Space

Age 15 plus
The dark room, the projectors behind us, the screen in front of us: From a historical perspective the cinema space is the most dominant form of encountering films. In the 70s some were claiming that this was an authoritarian architecture which chains our bodies and surrenders our minds to the images and their ideology. With the rise of the digital in the 90s images have migrated to displays as well as gallery spaces. This lectures wants to ask and discuss what the cinema space is today, which potentials it carries and why we maybe should – more than ever – go to the cinema. We will watch a number of excerpts from cinema's history to find out once more what the cinema space is and why – in 2017 – it might carry more political potential than ever.

Presented by Alejandro Bachmann