Langeweilt am längsten, Produktion: Dr. Schneiderbauer, 1961 © Media Wien, Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv


Gangs, Rascals, and Punks

Vienna's Youth Culture on Film

Age 15 plus
How do teenagers live in the city – which spaces are they claiming for themseles, how do they live their daily lives and how do they imagine the future? Excerpts from feature, documentary and amateur films ranging from the 1930s to today will make topics, places and attitudes visible. We will meet teenagers as crooks or runaways, punks and dropouts or political activists. They will be at the centre of this lecture which wants to find out which role film plays in documenting and shaping the lives of young people in Vienna.

Presented by Marie-Noëlle Yazdanpanah and Karin Fest