Badkonade sefid, 1995, Jafar Panahi

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Badkonake sefid (Der weiße Ballon)

Jafar Panahi (IR 1995)

Age 10 to 13
At Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, young Razieh has but one wish: a goldfish. When her mother finally gives her money to buy one, Razieh runs alone through pulsating Tehran, where behind every corner a grown-up seems to linger just to keep her from fulfilling her wish. Told from the perspective of a child director Jafar Panahi (in his country persecuted for political reasons and in 2010 put under house arrest) depicts the world of the grown-ups, their intrigues and little games, their incomprehensible conversations and absurd demands. 85 minutes pure adventure in real-time, creating a whole world in breath-taking precision and the levity of a children's game.
Screening (D: Jafar Panahi, 84 min) in origingal Farsi language with German subtitles
On demand a moderated discussion after the screening is possible.