Rebel Without a Cause, 1955, Nicholas Ray


Rebel Without a Cause

Nicholas Ray (US 1955)

Age 16 plus
James Dean as son of a middle class family whose views and way of life is like a prison to him. The father a wuss, the mother frustrated. The deceptive surface of suburban idyll and the superficial try to start anew somewhere in California lead to an eruption that Dean is expressing in screams and whimpers, desperation and rebellion, radical coolness and sensitive delicateness, in a way that is unique to his emotional and physical style of acting. Dirtected with clockwork precision yet still highly expressive, Rebel Without a Cause is a film for and about a generation and as such a milestone in popular culture.

The screening (D: Nicholas Ray, 111 min) in original language with German subtitles will be followed by a 60-minute analysis of chosen sequences.