Wilde Minze, 2010, Jenny Gand, Lisa Rettl


Wilde Minze (Wild Mint)

AT 2010

Age 15 plus
On December 23, 1944 eight death sentences passed by the Volksgerichtshof are executed in Graz. Amongst the murdered is Maria Pekoller, a communist from Villach. Her then 16-year-old daughter Helga can escape prosecution and survives. Wilde Minze (Wild Mint) is a 2009 portrait of the then teenager and shows in gentle images, how she found a language to talk about the gruesome images and learned to love life. The film reconstructs the moving and very intimate memories of Helga Peskoller (today: Emberger): her pain, in spite of the Nazis, for the sake of her mother.
The screening (85 min) is followed by a discussion with the directors Jenny Gand and Lisa Rettl