Soap&Skin: Italy (2018, Ioan Gavriel)

Cinema Next

Pop! Music Videos from Austria

Guests: Ioan Gavriel, Anna Sophia Rußman & Kilian Immervoll

Age 15 plus
Contemporary pop music from Austria is in everyone's mouths thanks to young musicians like Bilderbuch, Mavi Phoenix and AVEC. Music videos by equally talented young filmmakers are often released for these bands. Their names may not yet be well-known, but their film art is just as cool as the music for which they make the videos. For young filmmakers, music videos are not only exciting exercises, they can also be striking calling cards for their careers. We will watch recent music videos from Austria and talk with directors Ioan Gavriel, Anna Sophia Rußman & Kilian Immervollabout working in a genre in which anything goes. (cn)

In collaboration with CINEMA NEXT – Young Cinema from Austria