Amos Vogel Lectures

Talks, meetings and seminars

One of Amos Vogel's many endeavors was his innovative work on research, reflection, and mediation of film's socially transformative and subversive potentials. All Cinema 16 screenings were accompanied by introductions, conversations, and debates; in establishing the New York Film Festival, he emphasized outreach programs, symposia, and panel discussions; and even before his decades-long teaching career at the Annenberg School for Communication, he organized the first U.S. conference on film education in 1967. The contributions collected here are dedicated to these concerns of Amos Vogel.
Podcast contribution (in German) by Produktionsbüro sisigrant


"Seid Sand, nicht Öl"
Zum 100. Geburtstag von Amos Vogel

("Be Sand, Not Oil" – On Amos Vogel's 100th birthday)

Ö1, "Diagonal," April 10, 2021

Radio contribution (in German) by Dominique Gromes


Chris Haderer in conversation (in German) with Tom Waibel, Elisabeth Streit, and Christoph Huber from the Film Museum about the fall activities, especially the special project "Amos Vogel – 100 Years of Subversion". "Das Film-Logbuch" is the monthly film and cinema magazine on Radio Agora 105|5 by Chris Haderer & Klaus Pertl. [...]


Indexing the Amos Vogel Library

Tutorial by Tom Waibel & Elisabeth Streit


The Amos Vogel Library contains more than 8.000 books, journals and Juvenilia. Despite some rare books with autographs, it is a work and research library. Its special feature lies in Vogel's numerous annotations, which bear witness to his intensive reading.

Amos Vogel and Subversive Cinema

The Film Comment Podcast vom 9. November 2021

Film Comment editors Clinton Krute and Devika Girish invited a panel of Vogel experts: Richard Peña (former Director of the New York Film Festiva), Tom Waibel (Custodian of the Amos Vogel Library at the Austrian Film Museum), and Edo Choi (Assistant Curator of Film at the Museum of the Moving Image). [...]