Visualisierung des Vorspanns aus dem Regiedrehbuch zu "Die Klavierspielerin", inklusive Hanekes Handzeichnungen und computerunterst├╝tzte Grafiken

Research Projects

We support research projects through our archival and historical know-how and enable researchers from Austria and abroad to have access to primary sources of film history (films, photographs, writings and posters).


Furthermore, we are continuously annotating our own collections. We identify and reconstruct films, developing them in terms of their cultural and historical significance, often in cooperation with other academic institutions (such as the Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies and the Department of Contemporary History at the University of Vienna).


The results of such research and co-operative work add to our ongoing presentation and educational programmes (publications, conferences, etc.). The subpages are intended to offer glimpses into the diverse research projects in which the Film Museum is involved as a partner of Austrian and international research facilities.


For an overview on the collections, please visit the following pages:

Film Collection, Ephemeral Paper and Documents Collection, Stills Collection, and Periodicals Collection