Mare's Tail, 1969, David Larcher

The Epic Flight

Mare's Tail (1969)

A film by David Larcher. 16mm, color and bw, 143 min

David Larcher's epic film, one of the forgotten treasures of British avant-garde cinema, is assembled from quasi-autobiographical footage that has been manipulated and edited into a dense, durational viewing experience. Generously employing optical and aural trickery, Mare's Tail unravels into a 2½ hour anarcho-mystical voyage. Though made independently of the LFMC, the visual ingenuity and ambitious scope of Mare's Tail made it a key contribution to the UK's nascent experimental film scene. Containing footage that dates back to Larcher's time as an RCA student in the mid-1960s, the film received its premiere at the 1969 Edinburgh Film Festival. David Larcher: "From one flick of the mare's tail came an unending stream of images out of which was crystallised the milky way." (M.W.)
Introduced by Mark Webber

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