Mimoza llastica (Verwöhnte Mimose), 1973, Xhanfise Keko

Mimoza llastica (Spoiled Mimoza) (1973)

Director: Xhanfise Keko; Screenplay: Nasho Jorgaqi; Cinematography: Ilia Terpini; Music: Robert Radoja, Aleksander Lalo; Cast: Zhaklina Dhimojani, Violeta Manushi, Teuta Doçi, Ema Shteto, Anila Kardhashi. 35mm, bw, 40 min

Qyteti më i ri në botë (The Newest City in the World) (1974)

Director: Xhanfise Keko; Screenplay: Muharrem Skenderi; Cinematography: Petraq Lubonja; Music: Gjon Simoni; Cast: Roza Anagnosti, Ilia Shyti, Alket Mato, Samir Koka, Selma Sotillari. 35mm, bw, 52 min

Shot at the end of a period of liberalization in Albanian arts, these two dramas highlight Keko's singular ability to elicit strong performances from her child actors, always with the appropriate socialist outcome. In Spoiled Mimoza, a young girl is rejected by the children in her apartment block after refusing to share her prized toys. In The Newest City in the World, a young boy, obsessed with construction in the Albanian capital, begins building his own urban empire in the school playground.

Introduced by Iris Elezi

Courtesy of the Albanian National Film Archive

Screening dates:

Mi 01.05.2019 21:00
(Albanische OmeU)