Tomka dhe shokët e tij (Tomka und seine Freunde), 1977, Xhanfise Keko

Tomka dhe shokët e tij (Tomka and His Friends) (1977)

Director: Xhanfise Keko; Screenplay: Nasho Jorgaqi; Cinematography: Faruk Basha; Music: Aleksander Lalo; Cast: Enea Zhegu, Herion Mustafaraj, Genci Mosho, Artan Puto, Fluranc Ilia. 35mm, bw, 74 min

A group of young boys plot revenge on the Nazi occupiers after their soccer field is turned into a German military camp. Aiding local communist partisans, the industrious children spy, sabotage and even poison the camp's pet German shepherd. Keko and cinematographer Faruk Basha suspensefully frame the story in Albania's charged atmospheric fortress city of Berat. An immensely popular staple of Albanian television, Tomka and His Friends received a UK theatrical release thirty years after its national premiere.

Introduced by Iris Elezi

Courtesy of the Albanian National Film Archive

Screening dates:

Do 02.05.2019 19:00
(Albanische OmeU)