Donovan's Brain, 1953, Felix E. Feist

Donovan's Brain (1953)

Studio: Dowling Productions/United Artists; Regie: Felix E. Feist; Drehbuch: Felix E. Feist, Hugh Brooke nach dem Roman von Curt Siodmak; Kamera: Joseph F. Biroc; Musik: Eddie Dunstedter; Darsteller: Lew Ayres, Gene Evans, Nancy Davis (Reagan), Steve Brodie, Tom Powers, Lisa Howard, James Andersen. 16mm (von 35mm), sw, 83 min
Fast hätte Curt Siodmak bei der Verfilmung seines – nicht nur von Stephen King immer wieder beschworenen – Kultromans Donovan's Brain selbst Regie geführt. Schließlich machte Felix E. Feist daraus einen Klassiker der Science-Fiction der 1950er. Lew Ayers spielt einen Wissenschaftler, der unvorsichtigerweise das Gehirn eines rücksichtslosen Milliardärs wiederbelebt, der bei einem Unfall getötet wurde. Ein Höhepunkt in der langen Reihe von mad scientist-Fantasien im Goldenen Zeitalter des B-Films. (H. G.)
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Aus dem Katalog zur Retrospektive:

Adapted earlier by Republic as a low-budget Von Stroheim vehicle, Curt Siodmak's cult novel was transformed again with streamline efficiency by Felix E. Feist into a classic of Fifties sci-fi, and an off-beat climax of the long line of mad scientist fantasies that stretch across the Golden Age of the B-film. Veteran actor Lew Ayres gives Dr. Kildare dignity to his portrait of a scientist whose zeal for extending life leads him far down the dark path to perdition when he reanimates the powerful brain of a ruthless billionaire killed in a crash only to be made victim to the pulsing organ's uncanny powers of mind-body control. Ayers' turn into a hardened billionaire remains remarkably contemporary, with his strange lust for ludicrously expensive and ill-fitting suits predicting Paul Manaford, among other power hungry tycoons. Almost subversively, the supporting actors also seem to be rendered wooden and possessed by unnamed forces, with Gene Evans entirely unconvincing as either an alcoholic or a scientist and Nancy Davis locked into a stunned expression, giving equal affection to the latest test monkey as her traumatized husband. (Haden Guest)

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