The Austrian Film Museum presents film works principally in the form of analog film projections and is committed to locating prints in their original format (35mm and 16mm). Video and digitally-produced works as well as Television productions are screened either on video or digitally as required. Exceptions are noted where appropriate.
Gun Crazy, 1950, Joseph H. Lewis
October 26 to December 5, 2018

The B-Film

Hollywood's Low-Budget-Cinema 1935–1959
A simple title whose simple aim is to reconsider the history and legacy of that mode of low-budget filmmaking invented within the Hollywood studio system and kindled long after as an ideal and aspiration by filmmakers from Godard and Seijun Suzuki to Bitomsky, Scorsese, Tarantino.  [...]
SNOW | SCHNEE, 2018, Manfred Neuwirth
November 22 to 26, 2018

Partly Truth Partly Fiction

40 Years of Vienna Media Workshop
For 40 years now, the Vienna Media Workshop has been a key part of the Austrian media landscape. Founded as Verein Medienzentren in 1978, a non-commercial video studio set out to provide a space for artistic practice in the wake of alternative and emancipatory social movements. The Film Museum joins the celebration of this anniversary with a cross-section of the breadth of their production. [...]
Il miracolo della Madonna di Pompei, Elvira Notari (courtesy of Cineteca di Bologna)
November 29 to December 1, 2018

Elvira Notari

Not only was Elvira Notari (1875–1946) Italy's first female director, she was also its most prolific: Dora Film, the company she founded as a photographic laboratory together with her husband Nicola Notari, went on to produce around 60 features and more than 100 short films and documentaries between 1906 and 1930. In collaboration with the Kinothek Asta Nielsen, the Film Museum presents a special program made up of two features and several film fragments. [...]

Catalogue of the B-Film Retrospective

Accompanying the retrospective The B-Film a publication has been published with an introduction by Haden Guest, essays by Joe Dante and Imogen Smith, and descriptions of all the works shown at the retrospective. Also included is the reprint of a description of the daily production routine in a B-Film-Studio by Nick Grinde from the year 1945.
Apichatpong Weerasethakul 2009 im Filmmuseum (Foto: ÖFM / © Sissi Makovec)

2018 FIAF Award To Be Presented to Apichatpong Weerasethakul

The International Federation of Film Archives has announced that its 2018 FIAF Award will be presented to Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Congratulations! Apichatpong's work has been preserved and collected by the Film Museum for many years, a highlight being our restoration of Mysterious Object at Noon. Our director Michael Loebenstein will be present at the award ceremony at the Thai Film Archive in his capacity as Secretary-General of FIAF.