The Austrian Film Museum presents film works principally in the form of analog film projections and is committed to locating prints in their original format (35mm and 16mm). Video and digitally-produced works as well as Television productions are screened either on video or digitally as required. Exceptions are noted where appropriate.

Box Office Opening Hours

Our box office opens Monday to Friday from 3 p.m., on weekends and holidays one hour before the first screening of the day.
Lo sceicco bianco (Der weiße Scheich), 1952, Federico Fellini
I recuperanti (Die Sammler), 1970, Ermanno Olmi
Otto e mezzo (8½), 1963, Federico Fellini
Durante l'estate (Im Sommer), 1971, Ermanno Olmi
Giulietta degli spiriti (Julia und die Geister), 1965, Federico Fellini
Un certo giorno (Ein gewisser Tag), 1968, Ermanno Olmi
Boccaccio ’70, 1962, Vittorio De Sica, Federico Fellini, Mario Monicelli, Luchino Visconti
L’albero degli zoccoli (Der Holzschuhbaum), 1978, Ermanno Olmi (Foto: Filmarchiv Austria)
Satyricon (Fellinis Satyricon), 1969, Federico Fellini
I clowns (Die Clowns), 1970, Federico Fellini
January 10 to February 28, 2019

Federico Fellini / Ermanno Olmi

We begin the new year with a juxtaposition of two of the most exceptional directors of Italian cinema. On the one hand, there is Federico Fellini, whose films La strada (1954) or La dolce vita (1960) made him one of the most famous filmmakers the world over. As counterpoint, we present the somewhat less popular, but no less exceptional work of the recently deceased director Ermanno Olmi. [...]
The Thin Red Line, 1998, Terrence Malick
The War Game, 1965, Peter Watkins
Ran, 1985,  Kurosawa Akira
Overlord, 1975, Stuart Cooper
January 10 to February 28, 2019

War. Tracing an Evolution

In dialogue with the exhibition War. Tracing an Evolution at the Natural History Museum, the Austrian Film Museum will show a series of films that trace the archeology, (re)construction, and evolution of war narratives in cinema. A range of both historical and contemporary classics will be screened every Thursday and on select Sundays. [...]
Bluto, 1967, Albie Thoms
Southern Climes, 2018, Hanna Chetwin
Waterfall, 1984, Arthur und Corinne Cantrill
February 6 and 7, 2019

A Collected Gaze

Australian Handmade Experimental Film 1967–2018
Australian experimental cinema contains many histories. One persistent storyline involves the use of the film medium as a tool, another considers the recurrence of co-operative forms in an art practice, yet another story relays artists' responses to the environment as a subject, protagonist and idea. These threads combine in the three programs of A Collected Gaze, curated by Danni Zuvela. [...]

Important information for January 25, 2019

Please note: starting at 4 pm on Friday, January 25th, extensive blockades around the Hofburg area (set up to prevent demonstrations against the "Akademikerball") will hinder pedestrian transit. The Film Museum remains open for the public! Do not let yourself be deterred, just plan a little more time to arrive at destination. We recommend, if possible, to buy tickets in advance or carry a printout of your reservation to show at the various barriers. This simple measure will facilitate your crossing of the 1st district. Please refer to our homepage for updates.
Albertina: "Helen Levitt | New York, 1940 | Permanent loan of the Austrian Ludwig Foundation for Art and Science © Film Documents LLC"

Helen Levitt

Photo exhibition at the Albertina

Helen Levitt (1913–2009) numbers among the foremost exponents of street photography. The Albertina is featuring her in a retrospective that brings together around 130 of her iconic works.