Mapping City Films Conference


Session I
Data models and vocabularies
Chair: Michael Loebenstein
I.1 Talk
Verbalizing Images: Vocabularies and Ontologies of City Films
Ingo Zechner
I.2 Talk         
Exchange is Key: Linked Open Metadata and the Benefits of Give and Take  
Davy Hanegreefs
I.3 Discussion
Towards Standardization and Interoperability: EFG, EN15907, and Linked Data 
Adelheid Heftberger, David Kleingers


Lunch Break


Session II
Film as data. Automated analysis
Chair: Kristel Vandenbrande
II.1 Talk
Shot Detection, Object Detection, Building Recognition: Lessons learned from the I-Media-Cities Project
Christian Weigel
II.2 Talk        
Patterns and Similarities
Christian Breiteneder
II.3 Discussion
Progress, Ethics and Algorithms: The Cultural Implications
Winfried Pauleit, Martin Reinhart, K.T. Zakravsky


Coffee Break


Session III
Technology-enabled Research: New Frontiers
Chair: Rasmus Greiner
III.1 Presentation              
I-Media-Cities: A Research Framework for Moving Images
Antonella Guidazzoli, Gabriella Scipione
III.2 Presentation              
Fields of Dreams: Metadata Automation & Enhancement for Scholarly & Artistic Uses of Sound and Vision's Collections
Erwin Verbruggen
III.3 Presentation              
New Ways of Visualising Cultural Collections
Eva Mayr
III.4 Discussion
Digitally enhanced Research: What's next?
Camille Blot-Wellens, with Giulietta Fassino, Silvia Ferrari, Nickos Myrtou, Vrääth Öhner, Teresa Montserrat Sala i Garcia, Ingrid Stigsdotter

Based on preliminary results from the EU funded 3-year Horizon 2020 project I-Media-Cities and related transdisciplinary projects the conference will explore the various challenges and opportunities in applying advanced automated image analysis and other digital technologies to time-based audiovisual heritage content from European cities. Bringing together computer sciences, image analysis, humanities research and archival and conservation sciences, we will explore the epistemological impact these collaborative endeavours have on our understanding of history, place, identity and aesthetics. Are we facing a "computational turn" brought on by the application of 'big data' methodologies in the field of visual history and film studies?

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Screening dates:

Fr 14.12.2018 09:30
(In englischer Sprache)