Dresden Dynamo, 1971–72, Lis Rhodes

Material Facts

Slides (1970) Annabel Nicolson. 16mm,  color, 12 min (18fps)
At the Academy (1974) Guy Sherwin. 16mm, bw, 5 min
Footsteps (1975) Marilyn Halford. 16mm, sw, 7 min
Speak (1962) John Latham. 16mm, color, 11 min
Marvo Movie (1967) Jeff Keen. 16mm, color, 5 min
Still Life (1976) Jenny Okun. 16mm, color, 6 min
Dresden Dynamo (1971–72) Lis Rhodes. 16mm, color, 4 min
Silver Surfer (1972) Mike Dunford. 16mm, bw, 15 min
Persisting (1975) Ian Kerr. 16mm, color, 10 min
Two of the earliest British artists to make films maintained relationships with the Co-op, albeit at a distance. John Latham's flickering, pulsing Speak remains one of the era's most dynamic works; Jeff Keen's Marvo Movie has a concrete poetry soundtrack by LFMC founder Bob Cobbing. Having emerged from the counterculture, the organisation quickly established an identity frequently characterised by a systematic examination of the medium (optical soundtracks in Dresden Dynamo, filmstrip as object in Slides, countdown leader in At the Academy, colour negative in Still Life, re-filming in Silver Surfer). Despite the physical hardship of the organization's struggle, which contributed to the rigorous, formal nature of the films, there was also space for playful works like Footsteps and Persisting. (M.W.)
Introduced by Mark Webber

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