A Portrait of Ga, 1952, Margaret Tait (Foto: LUX)

Margaret Tait 1: Stalking the Image

 A Portrait of Ga 1952, 16mm, color, 5 min
Happy Bees 1955, 16mm, color, 17 min
The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo 1955, 16mm, color, 7 min
Where I Am Is Here 1964, 16mm, bw, 35 min
Colour Poems 1974, 16mm, color, 12 min
Aerial 1974, 16mm, color, 4 min
Already in her earliest portrait films, Tait envelops her subjects in their small gestures and the landscapes surrounding and creating them in a singular way, opening up the visible to the in(di)visible. As her mother unwraps a candy in A Portrait of Ga and children frolic on the grass in Happy Bees, we sense an announcement of reverberative humanity. The program traces a line from her early work such as The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo based on Gerard Manley Hopkins' poem, a work much closer to a filmed poem, through hand-drawn animation in Colour Poems towards a complete abandonment of words in favour of the pure stream of elemental imagery that is the gorgeous Aerial. (I.M.)
Conversation and poetry reading with Gareth Evans after the screening

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