Otroci (Brief an ein Kind), 2008, Vlado Škafar

Otroci (Letter to a Child)

Director, Screenplay: Vlado Škafar; Cinematography: Aleš Belak. 2008, DCP, color, 100 min. Slovenian with English subtitles

Vlado Škafar's second feature is a cinematic extension of his experimental literary project in which he engaged in extensive and deeply intimate conversations with perfect strangers about their lives, describing the results as "guided monologues." In a series of such recorded encounters, Škafar confronts us with an entire spectrum of age (from infancy to senility) and emotions (from blissful happiness to deepest sorrow), thus creating a monumental fresco of human experience at the turn of the millennium. Olaf Möller writes: "A humble AV-gift of often radical artlessness concerned solely with the freedom of its narrators, their silences as much as their insights, hopes, fears, dreams, a bridge made of experiences spanning from the 21st century to the 19th and back, a national poem remembered, cited in images and sounds, a piece of cinema created as a possibility to confront oneself, in all that a monument to an innocence lost but imaginable. Flow, you tears." (J.M.)

With Vlado Škafar in attendance

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