Deklica in drevo (Ein Mädchen und ein Baum), 2012, Vlado Škafar

Deklica in drevo (A Girl and a Tree)

Director, Screenplay: Vlado Škafar; Cinematography: Marko Brdar; Cast: Štefka Drolc, Ivanka Mežan, Helena Koder, Joni Zakonjšek. 2012, DCP, color, 83 min. Slovenian with English subtitles

In a remote idyllic meadow covered with tall grass and flowers and drenched in ethereal summer sunlight stands an old tree. Two girls – one in her late-eighties, the other in her early-nineties – sit in the shadow of this tree and quietly talk about life: about their decades-spanning friendship, their childhood, about their careers as both film and stage actresses, about their loves and heartbreaks, about moments of happiness and sadness. Time passes by, silences come and go, branches rustle in the wind, birds and crickets chirp, and a film like no other is born. In Vlado Škafar's own words: "I thought we were making a film about passing. Now I see we made a film about what does not pass away." (J.M.)

With Vlado Škafar in attendance

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