Oča (Papa), 2010, Vlado Škafar

Oča (Dad)

Director, Screenplay: Vlado Škafar; Cinematography: Marko Brdar; Cast: Milivoj Roš, Sandi Šalamon. 2010, 35mm, color, 71 min. Slovenian with English subtitles

A father and son spend a day together in the woods, by the lake. They talk, they fish, and they bond. Time passes, clouds drift by, night descends, and a different kind of reality intervenes. Vlado Škafar: "Miki, our local co-producer, takes us over the Hungarian border and tells us that Slovenian people over there do not have a word for love. I observe his eyes in the rearview mirror. When Miki gets out of the car, I tell our producer Frank that we have found our Dad. Miki introduces us to Sandi. Sandi is too old, but his face and his hair and his eyes and his mouth are the face, the hair, the eyes, and the mouth of an angel; and angels have no age. We play football together and get to know each other. Later I show some images to my girlfriend. She shivers and cries. We will make a beautiful film. We play. We throw little stones into the fountains of our souls and listen to their echoes. The film crew plays along. This is our game of cinema." (J.M.)

With Vlado Škafar in attendance

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